Low-cost Ritmix RF-4400 MP3 player with basic functionality

Author: Alexander Chub, 27.02.2013, 11:03
Недорогой MP3-плеер Ritmix RF-4400 с базовой функциональностью

Ritmix has released a simple MP3 player with a basic set of features for a reasonable price.

The Ritmix RF-4400 supports a minimal list of multimedia formats: MP3, WMA, video to AMV, JPG, BMP images and text files in TXT format. This will be quite enough for unpretentious users. The size of the internal memory is 4/8 GB with the possibility of expanding the microSD memory card up to 16 GB. Among other functions – FM-tuner, voice recorder and equalizer with seven presets. The gadget’s weight is 30 g, black, dark blue, turquoise and burgundy colors are available. The manufacturer claims a music playback time of up to 8 hours.

Prices – 730 rubles (approximately 200 UAH) and 830 rubles (225 UAH) for 4 and 8 GB, respectively.

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