Player headphones Sony Walkman WH505 and WH303

Author: Alexander Chub, 12.09.2013, 13:14
Плееры-наушники Sony Walkman WH505 и WH303 Sony Walkman NWZ-WH303

Sony has announced a pair of Walkman WH devices that combine an MP3 player, headphones and stereo speakers. The user can enjoy their own favorite compositions or switch to the speakers and give others the opportunity to evaluate their impeccable musical taste. Gadgets support proprietary xLOUD technologies for amplifying sound and VPT, which, according to Sony engineers, creates the effect of multi-channel sound. Using a cable, you can connect to external sound sources.

Плееры-наушники Sony Walkman WH505 и WH303-2 Sony Walkman NWZ-WH505

Both models can work up to 20 hours from a full battery charge, 3 minutes of fast charging provide up to an hour of work. Supported formats are MP3, WMA, AAC-LC and Linear PCM. NWZ-WH505 is equipped with 16 GB of internal memory, the diameter of the membranes is 40 mm. Input power: 1000 mW, sensitivity: 105 dB / mW, impedance: 40 Ohms, frequency range: 5-25 000 Hz. The case is black. Estimated cost – 9000 rubles (2200 UAH).

Плееры-наушники Sony Walkman WH505 и WH303-3 Sony Walkman NWZ-WH303

A junior model, the NWZ-WH303 received 4 GB of memory and a 30 mm membrane.

Плееры-наушники Sony Walkman WH505 и WH303-4 Sony Walkman NWZ-WH303

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