Split: a tiny player with great potential

Author: Rudi ruslanenko, 04.10.2013, 17:28
Split: крохотный плеер с большим потенциалом

At the beginning of the collection of money for the production of a unique microscopic player – Split. In fact, these are two headphones that work independently of each other. Each has its own memory and power, but they do not have either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to communicate with each other. How then do they work?

If the player is not used, then the headphones are stored magnetized to each other thanks to their magnetic cases. When the magnetic connection in the headphones is broken, the counters start simultaneously and the music starts playing, it is thanks to the initial synchronization of these counters that the music is played simultaneously in both headphones and without any delays. On the tiny scarf of the right earphone there is an accelerometer, tapping on it it sends the shortest radio signal, and then, in synchronization with the left earphone, the music stops. Similarly, music can be turned back on. In a similar way, switching between tracks takes place and the volume is adjusted: by banging your teeth once, the track will switch to the next, and by closing them the volume will increase twice. The latter changes cyclically in the framework of three gradations.

Split: крохотный плеер с большим потенциалом-2

The developers say that each earphone has 256 MB of memory for music, which should be enough for 24 songs. 6 mm neodymium dynamic drivers have a maximum power of 20 milliwatts, a playback range of 20 to 20,000 hertz, a sensitivity of 105 dB / mW, and a resistance of 16 ohms.

Theoretically, the batteries in the headphones will last for 4 hours of continuous playback, which is hard to believe given their size. 3 hours is a more real figure. The player is charged with a specially designed USB cable, to which the headphones themselves are magnetized by the desired side and are charged.

To start production, developers need to collect almost half a million dollars, for which they have enough time given that the collection will go on for another 27 days. Everyone who contributes $ 155 to the project (5,000 rubles / 1,250 UAH) will receive one such player of random color, and those who fork out $ 170 (5,500 rubles / 1,400 UAH) will be able to choose the color of the player, of which there are only three: red, lime and purple.

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