Elbow – a modern clip-on cassette player

Author: Pavel Chuykin, 23.03.2017, 10:30
Elbow — современный кассетный плеер в виде клипсы

Lithuanian startup BrainMonk presented a prototype of a unique cassette player in the form of a clip called Elbow.


The Elbow player has a clip or clip design that fits over an audio cassette. With an integrated mechanical drive and optical sensor, Elbow plays music. The gadget has a mechanical ring for adjusting the volume, turning music on and off, and for rewinding the film. Elbow has a standard headphone output (mini jack 3.5 mm) and a mini-USB connector for charging.

Release Date and Price

The Elbow cassette player is not yet ready for mass production and is now only available in the test version. Therefore, its exact release date and price are still unknown.

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