Already a story: Apple has stopped producing iPod nano and iPod shuffle

Author: Pavel Chuykin, 28.07.2017, 09:21
Уже история: Apple прекратила выпуск плееров iPod nano и iPod shuffle

Along with this, Apple stopped producing classic iPod nano and iPod shuffle models. The goods disappeared from the official online store of the company, and in ordinary stores gadgets will not be withdrawn from sale, but will wait for their full and this time final sale.

End of an era

The first generation of iPod nano and iPod shuffle mini-players was released back in 2005. After that, the gadgets were rebranded, changed the appearance, the filling and gradually lost in sound quality. The last significant change in the iPod shuffle happened back in 2010. iPod nano was a little luckier – it was updated in 2012. Very soon, players will become part of the story, and their price among collectors and lovers of old gadgets will increase markedly.

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