Introduced Apple Watch Series 4 iPod Watch Case Concept

Author: Pavel Chuykin, 21.11.2018, 09:39
Представлен концепт чехла-плеера iPod для смарт-часов Apple Watch Series 4

Korean designer Joyce Kang has published the concept of the iPod music player, which is built into the case of the smart watch Apple Watch Series 4.

What showed

As conceived by the author, such a ceramic case will expand the functionality of the smart watch and add convenient and high-quality listening to music, as well as familiar navigation with the iPod Click Wheel. After installing smart watches in this case, they automatically switch to player mode and change their interface under its proprietary menu. On the side there are special cutouts for the side button and scroll wheel. Unfortunately, the designer’s ideas so far will remain only a concept and there is no question of the release of such a device to the market.

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