Apple introduced the 7th generation iPod touch: A10 Fusion processor and up to 256 GB of memory

Author: Elena Shcherban, 28.05.2019, 17:40
Apple представила iPod touch 7 поколения: процессор A10 Fusion и до 256 ГБ памяти

Today, Apple has quietly released the 7th generation of iPod touch. This is the first update in 4 years: the sixth generation of the device debuted back in 2015.

What changed

Outwardly, it is the same as iPod touch: a familiar case, the same display. But inside, the new A10 Fusion processor is installed, like the iPhone 7. It has higher performance, in addition, the player will receive support for augmented reality technologies, access to the service of Apple Arcade games and FaceTime group calls will be able to receive new versions of iOS.

Also, new memory was added to the new iPod touch: in addition to the 32 and 128 GB configurations, a version with 256 GB of storage also appeared.

How many?

A version with 32 GB will be asked for $ 199, 128 GB $ 299, 256 GB $ 399.

There are six colors to choose from: black, silver, gold, blue, pink and red.

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